About me

“Video Paint di Sergio Battista” starts its activities in 1996, and in 2005, in collaboration with “Wedding Destination”, launches a project of weddings inDominican¬†Republic, working with the leading resorts of the Country, with international clients, especially during winter. During the years, I continuously improved my¬†cinematographic techniques, to make your wedding video a pure emotion…

We work using reportage style, looking for natural and genuine moments, without altering the beauty of the day: from the preparation of bride and groom, to the ceremony, until the cake cut and the reception.

A crucial moment for us is the movie editing: the choice of the soundtrack is a basic component, for the style, rhythm and the way to communicate emotions. In our concept, pictures and music are indissolubly bound, in a relationship of equilibrium and harmony. So we always discuss with the newlyweds, to understand their tastes and preferences, and to be in a perfetc sync with them.

Your wedding video will be a unique and unforgettable tale.